A self-directed, on-demand introduction to fostering belonging

Powerful, digestible insights for our digital age

Our flagship course, “Introduction to Fostering Belonging,” lets you easily scale your organization’s learning and training opportunities around fostering belonging.

Employees from teams of any size can access this course from anywhere, on their own time, on our private platform or in your existing internal learning management system.

“Introduction to Fostering Belonging” is a great tool for any team navigating cultural shifts and seeking a common language to reset and move forward:

Remote or distributed teams

Global workforces
New-hire onboarding and training

Keynote attendee “homework”

Why e-learning?

Our e-learning platform offers working groups in your organization the opportunity to learn at their own pace, from wherever they are, increasing the likelihood that they’ll stay engaged, retain what they’ve learned, and put the course materials to use in their lives.

Our course roadmap
This interactive e-course introduces participants to the following concepts:
Why should belonging matter to me?
What are some strategies to increase collaboration among our team?
How does implicit bias limit our ability to be good allies?
What skills do I need to bridge differences within my team and organization?
Online course takeaways
An understanding of the science of implicit bias and how to overcome it
Greater ability to confront challenging conversations across differences
Stress-management exercises from various cultures
A personal call to embark on the journey of belonging ahead

Each module includes:

Level-setting introductions

to help learners center themselves and prepare to do the work

Engaging video lessons

that help them identify their biases and have courageous conversations

Follow-up knowledge checks

to inspire confidence in their understanding of the key points

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